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IEEE FEBRUARY determinantal equation for 8 is easily found. In general, the solution is quite complex; however, for some practical semiconductor parameters , the solution becomes simple. For oo<lWrn-l and ~>1011, it is found that the terms in (8) containing uo and D, can be neglected. Then, the determinantal equation yields the approximate results 8-f k ,(More)
— This paper presents a simulation analysis of distributed Bragg reflectors (DBR's) and their affect on the characteristics of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL's). The SimWindows semiconductor device simulator models the close interaction between electrical, optical, and thermal processes present in VCSEL's. This simulator is used to examine(More)
^ but chose to equate it with a postulated Gaskiers-related d 13 C excursion from circa 580 Ma (35). Instead, our data indicate that this globally correlated negative d 13 C excursion is not related to any known glaciation (36). The duration of this excursion is unconstrained; however, given that it is captured within over 100 m of section in Oman (Fig. 1)(More)
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