R E Deysach

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The Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery-Children's Revision (LNNBCR) was used to investigate differences between reading disabled (RD) and academically normal children. The groups of 32 subjects each were equivalent with regard to age, sex, race, IQ, and SES of primary wage earner in the family. RD subjects, all of whom had been identified as learning(More)
Relationships beteen social decentering, personality variables, and social competence were investigated for children attending a seven-week therapeutic summer camp. Ss were 23 males and females ranging in age from 10 to 13 years old had been referred to the camp because they lacked age-appropriate social skills. Feffer's Role Taking Task was used to measure(More)
Two studies were conducted that were designed to investigate the role of a staff nurse as an adjunct in a nonmedical therapeutic camp for emotionally disturbed children. Study I was designed to assess the relationship between somatic complaints and daily interpersonal successes and failures of the camper. While visits to the infirmary tended to increase as(More)
This study investigated the utility of two locus of control scales to predict the judged effectiveness of undergraduate counselors in two summer camps for emotionally disturbed children. In general, internal control was correlated positively with overall effectiveness as rated by directors and fellow counselors. When content of the control scales reflected(More)
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