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The pathological stereotypies frequently observed among severely mentally retarded and autistic persons are highly rhythmical in nature. Most attempts to quantify such behavior, however, have not analyzed stereotypy in terms of its cyclical properties. In the present paper we have detailed a method for electronically transducing stereotyped body-rocking and(More)
It has been argued that a recently developed measure, vagal tone (V), is a significant advancement over other existing methods of assessing the periodic variation in heart rate associated with respiration (respiratory sinus arrhythmia). It has been further suggested that, as a noninvasive measure of vagal nerve efferent activity, V may facilitate the early(More)
The vestibular system plays a major role in the expression of early motor behavior. Previous research has cited extensive neural connections between the vestibular apparatus and the motor system. Accordingly, some therapists have implemented programs of supplemental vestibular stimulation to improve motor and cognitive abilities in children with delayed(More)
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