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Glucocorticoid-dependent negative feedback of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis is mediated in part through direct inhibition of hypothalamic CRH gene transcription. In the present study, we sought to further localize and characterize glucocorticoid receptor (GR) and AP-1 interactions at a functionally defined negative glucocorticoid response element(More)
Dexras1 is a novel GTP-binding protein that shares structural similarity with the Ras family of small molecular weight GTPases and is strongly and rapidly induced during treatment with dexamethasone. The function of Dexras1 and its contribution to glucocorticoid-dependent signaling in the corticotroph cell are unknown. The present study was undertaken to(More)
BACKGROUND The cosyntropin stimulation test is the initial endocrine evaluation of suspected primary or secondary adrenal insufficiency. PURPOSE To critically review the utility of the cosyntropin stimulation test for evaluating adrenal insufficiency. DATA SOURCES The MEDLINE database was searched from 1966 to 2002 for all English-language papers(More)
Dexras1 is a novel GTP-binding protein (G protein) that was recently discovered on the basis of rapid mRNA up-regulation by glucocorticoids in murine AtT-20 corticotroph cells and in several primary tissues. The human homologue of Dexras1, termed activator of G protein signaling-1 (AGS-1), has been reported to stimulate signaling by G(i) heterotrimeric G(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop, optimize, and validate a generalized mass action, equilibrium solution that incorporates measured concentrations of albumin as well as cortisol binding globulin (CBG) to estimate free cortisol. DESIGN AND METHODS Free cortisol was estimated by Coolens method or by cubic equilibrium equation and compared to measured free cortisol,(More)
Corticosteroids inhibit ACTH secretion through diverse cellular mechanisms, including direct pituitary and indirect suprapituitary effects. Although exogenous CRH provides a useful assessment of corticotroph function, the suprapituitary component of ACTH regulation has been difficult to assess in humans. Naloxone (NAL) has been reported to stimulate ACTH(More)
Dexras1 is a steroid hormone-induced Ras family G protein that acts as a receptor-independent activator of signaling by Gi/o family heterotrimeric G proteins. We examined the effects of Dexras1 on the activity of adenylyl cylase, a target of inhibitory regulation by Gialpha x GTP. Constitutively active Gsalpha (Q227L) increased cAMP levels 43-fold above(More)
Respiratory failure complicating the course of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a source of increased morbidity and mortality. Detection of respiratory failure in DKA requires focused clinical monitoring, careful interpretation of arterial blood gases, and investigation for conditions that can affect adversely the respiration. Conditions that compromise(More)
Epidemiological studies support the hypothesis that genetic factors modulate the risk for diabetic nephropathy (DN). Aldose reductase (ALDR1), the rate-limiting enzyme in the polyol pathway, is a potential candidate gene. The present study explores the hypothesis that polymorphisms of the (A-C)n dinucleotide repeat sequence, located 2.1 kb upstream of the(More)