R. Dick

J. R. Novell2
K. E. F. Hobbs2
G. Dusheiko2
2J. R. Novell
2K. E. F. Hobbs
2G. Dusheiko
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A 51 year old lady with chronic active hepatitis presented with massive lower gastrointestinal tract bleeding. Angiography demonstrated a solitary varix in the caecum which was found at laparotomy to be entering the bowel wall at the site of adhesion from a previous appendicectomy. The portal pressure was found to be raised. A right hemicolectomy stopped(More)
Over a 30 month period from 1987 to 1990, selective hepatic cannulation under fluoroscopic control was performed in 57 consecutive patients with primary and secondary malignancies of the liver. Fifty-three patients were subsequently treated using intra-arterial Lipiodol emulsified with epirubicin. The tumours treated were hepatocellular carcinoma (n = 35),(More)
A thermal infrared grating spectrometer was developed for field studies in the earth sciences. The design is based on a reflection grating and a 60-element HgCdTe detector array. The useful spectral range of the instrument covers 7.9-11.3 pm with a Nyquist limited resolution of 0.16 pm. The instrument averages over a 12" field of view and compares the(More)
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