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This study aims to determine if Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin (PMSG), used for oestrous synchronization in multiparous lactating does, could be replaced by one of the following lighting schedules without impairing reproductive performance: (a) 12-h L (light)/12-h D (dark) or (b) 8-h L/16-h D, until day 6 before artificial insemination (AI), when in both(More)
A hybrid technique of robot-assisted, laparoscopic hysterectomy using the ENSEAL(®) Tissue Sealing Device is described in a retrospective, consecutive, observational case series. Over a 45 month period, 590 robot-assisted total laparoscopic hysterectomies +/- oophorectomy for benign and malignant indications were performed by a single surgeon with a bedside(More)
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