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This paper proposes a scheme to provide security to dynamic multicast VoIP systems efficiently. Security is usually provided by encrypting the media packets sent from a user to other users with the help of a shared key called the session encryption key. The most time consuming process in a dynamic multicast VoIP environment is the group key management.(More)
Packet classification is to classify the packets as belonging to the flow in network systems such as firewalls and routers. The function of packet classification is to match packet headers against a set of predefined filters. In this paper we propose system; the packet can be classified by using source IP address of each incoming packet. The accessing or(More)
The present study was aimed to isolate, characterize and examine the probiotic properties of Bacillus infantis (KADR2) from Labeo rohita. The total of seven strains isolated from gastrointestinal tract of Labeo rohita, one of them KADR2 showed higher antagonistic effect against fish pathogens. The strain was evaluated under in vitro intestinal condition(More)
In internet routers packet classification is one of the challenging factors, which involve multiple fields for searching relevant operation. Routers in network classifying packets based on its header fields and to determine which service they should provide. This paper describes various packet classification algorithms and proposes a new efficient packet(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an emerging technology for data transfer through a number of sensor nodes. The goal of the sensor node is to collect the data at regular intervals and transfer data to the desired sink node. The consumption of power is the biggest issue in WSN because each sensor node has a limited computational power. The reduction in power(More)
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