R. Devi

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The main motivation of this paper is to introduce a class of robust non-Euclidean distance measures for the original data space to derive new objective function and thus clustering the non-Euclidean structures in data to enhance the robustness of the original clustering algorithms to reduce noise and outliers. The new objective functions of proposed(More)
Antiandrogens are a novel class of anticancer agents that inhibit cancer cell proliferation and induce apoptosis in various cell lines. To find the lead compound from the oxobenzimidazole derivatives, receptor-ligand docking studies were initially performed using Schrödinger software. The best fit molecules were synthesized and characterized through IR,(More)
In recent years the use of fuzzy clustering techniques in medical diagnosis is increasing steadily, because of the effectiveness of fuzzy clustering techniques in recognizing the systems in the medical database to help medical experts in diagnosing diseases. This study focuses on clustering lung cancer dataset into three types of cancers which are leading(More)