R. Devi Priya

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The desmosome anchors keratin filaments in epithelial cells leading to the formation of a tissue wide IF network. Loss of the desmosomal plaque protein plakophilin3 (PKP3) in HCT116 cells, leads to an increase in neoplastic progression and metastasis, which was accompanied by an increase in K8 levels. The increase in levels was due to an increase in the(More)
Apicoplast, an essential organelle of human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum contains a ∼35 kb circular genome and is a possible target for therapy. Proteins required for the replication and maintenance of the apicoplast DNA are not clearly known. Here we report the presence of single-stranded DNA binding protein (SSB) in P falciparum. PfSSB is(More)
— Solving NP hard problem like Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a major challenge faced by analysts even though many techniques are available. Many versions of Genetic Algorithms are introduced by researchers to improve its performance in solving TSP. Clustering Genetic Algorithm (CGA) was recently introduced and this paper analyzes the results obtained(More)
The ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling factors regulate gene expression. However, it is not known whether these factors regulate each other. Given the ability of these factors to regulate the accessibility of DNA to transcription factors, we postulate that one ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling factor should be able to regulate the transcription of another(More)
Missing data problem degrades the statistical power of any analysis made in clinical studies. To infer valid results from such studies, suitable method is required to replace the missing values. There is no method which can be universally applicable for handling missing values and the main objective of this paper is to introduce a common method applicable(More)
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