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Hearing loss is routinely estimated from the audiogram, even though this measure gives only a rough approximation of hearing. Indeed, cochlear regions functioning poorly, if at all, called dead regions, are not detected by a simple audiogram. To detect cochlear dead regions, additional measurements of psychophysical tuning curves or thresholds in background(More)
INTRODUCTION Lobular capillary hemangioma is a frequent benign vascular inflammatory lesion of the skin tissue. It rarely reaches the mucous membrane, and the nasal fossa involvement is exceptional. CASE REPORT A 68-year-old woman presented with an ulcerous hemorrhagic mass blocking the left nasal fossa, which had appeared a few weeks after a wasp sting(More)
INTRODUCTION Autologous fat graft has become the gold-standard defect filling technique. "Lipostructure(©)" was described by Colman in 1994. It is perfectly codified and gives excellent results. The filling of superficial skin layers with the routine technique is difficult. It can be performed with a new technique developed by G. Magalon called(More)
UNLABELLED We report a case of a parathyroid adenoma during a long term lithium treatment without therapeutic overdose. CASE REPORT A 73-years-old woman presented a demonstrative biological syndrome with hypercalcemia, elevated parathormone, normal urinary cyclic AMP, normocalciuria. CONCLUSION This lithium induced hyperparathyroidism differs from the(More)
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