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Significant age dependent differences in dogs were found in sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, and inorganic phosphorus, whereas in cats only potassium, chloride, and inorganic phosphorus were found to be age dependent. In both species special reference values must be established for different age groups. The higher reference values of potassium in young(More)
Serum creatinine and protein are age dependent in the dog as well as in the cat. The differences require consideration of special reference values in young animals. In contrast, the mean value of serum bilirubin shows only a slight, but significant dependency on age in dogs, which is not of diagnostic importance.
A significant dependency on the age of dogs can be observed in the following serum enzymes: AST, GLDH (low degree), SAP, GGT, and CK. In cats a dependancy on age can be seen in ALT, AST, SAP, LDH, alpha-HBDH, alpha-Amylase, Lipase, and CK. The differences between old and young animals are small in AST, GLDH, GGT, and LDH. Therefore, the differences are not(More)
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