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BACKGROUND To investigate associations between coping strategies and length of survival in a sample of 52 adult leukemia patients receiving allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (BMT). METHODS 52 adult patients, diagnosed with acute (AML) and chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) admitted for allogeneic BMT to a university hospital BMT unit in preparation for a(More)
The coping strategies of 36 adult leukemia patients admitted for bone marrow transplantation have been investigated systematically by trained raters using audio-taped material from semi-structured interviews. So-called long term survivors with a median survival time of 978 days after BMT displayed significantly lower passive-stoic acceptance and resignation(More)
Described here is the German version of the Brief Assessment Interview (BAI), an instrument developed originally in the course of the US-UK cross-national studies and designed to compile data on dementia and depression among the elderly. A study in Mannheim, FRG, of residents in an old people's home tested the reliability and validity of the BAI. Raters(More)
Teamwork is essential when investigating the long-term adoption of such medical intervention that are highly demanding on patients, physicians and nursing staff. Bone marrow transplantation represent such an intervention for a series of well defined hematological diseases. The contribution demonstrates the multiple perspective approach of the Ulm team. A(More)
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