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Mural paintings in Carmona (Spain), Herberstein (Austria) and Greene (Germany), showing visible deterioration by microorganisms, were sampled to investigate the biodiversity of the heterotrophic bacteria present. Four hundred twenty-eight bacterial strains were isolated from which 385 were characterized by fatty acid methyl ester analysis (FAME). The(More)
Mainly on the basis of phylogenetic and genotypic evidence, it has been suggested previously that the species Aeromonas enteropelogenes Schubert et al. 1990 is identical to the species Aeromonas trota Carnahan et al. 1991. Probably because the description of A. enteropelogenes preceded the proposal of A. trota by only a few months, DNA-DNA hybridizations(More)
A group of 10 Aeromonas hydrophila-like strains referred to as group BD-2, which mainly comprised haemolytic and cytotoxic isolates from diarrhoeal children in Bangladesh, was subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic study including fluorescent amplified fragment length polymorphism (FAFLP) and ERIC-PCR fingerprinting, microplate DNA-DNA hybridization and(More)
The taxonomic position of Vibrio trachuri was examined through a polyphasic approach using 16S rDNA sequencing, fluorescent amplified fragment length polymorphisms (FAFLP), DNA-DNA hybridization experiments, G+C content of DNA and phenotypical tests. Phylogenetic analysis showed that Vibrio harveyi is the closest neighbour of V. trachuri, sharing about(More)
A group of seven sucrose-negative Aeromonas strains (referred to as group Au) isolated from the internal organs of septicaemic farmed frogs (Rana rugulosa) in Thailand was subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic study including fluorescent amplified fragment length polymorphism (FAFLP) and ERIC-PCR fingerprinting, 16S rDNA sequencing, microplate DNA-DNA(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between antimicrobial tolerance and taxonomic diversity among the culturable oxytetracycline-resistant (Ot(r)) heterotrophic bacterial population in two Belgian aquatic sites receiving wastewater either from human medicine or from aquaculture. The study of Ot(r) heterotrophs and mesophilic Aeromonas(More)
This ecotaxonomic study compared the antibiotic tolerance among culturable oxytetracyline-resistant (Ot(r)) heterotrophic strains isolated from two aquatic environments representing human activities in health care and aquaculture, namely hospital effluents and freshwater fishfarms. Using a standardized methodology, samples taken in England and Ireland were(More)
High-dispersed magnetized iron preparations of various coercive force and its preparations with Ag, Au, Pt obtained by thermochemical method have been studied for their effect on plants and bacteria pathogenic for animals. It is established that magnetized iron intensifies antibacterial effect of certain metals. Of the studied preparations only(More)