R Dennebaum

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Forty patients with Graves' ophthalmopathy stages III-V were divided into two groups in a random manner according to their year of birth. Group I received prednisone in decreasing dosage. Group II received prednisone at a comparable dosage and ciclosporin. Steroids were discontinued after 10 weeks in the two groups. In the patients of group II, ciclosporin(More)
High-pressure liquid chromatography in combination with field desorption mass spectrometry as techniques of high specificity and sensitivity have been applied to the identification and quantitation of the anticancer drug methotrexate and its metabolites which occur in clinical high-dose therapy. Field desorption mass spectra of methotrexate and several(More)
A guinea-pig in vivo model is presented that allows the infusion of purified C5a via a central vein catheter and the monitoring of its effects on granulocytes and platelets, the most important cells in the pathogenesis of several lung disorders, e.g. shock lung. After the infusion of C5a, which was adjusted to a quantity that caused slight and transient(More)
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