R. Della Bella

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The paper presents a new multimedia service for telemedicine that, based on a distributed architecture, allows any authorised user (from head physician to parish doctor) to retrieve all the medical information regarding her patients. The service, by means of any browser (Netscape, Mosaic, etc.), can be used through a personal computer connected to Internet(More)
One of the primary characteristics of partial outlet obstruction secondary to BPH is an increase in bladder mass commonly referred to as bladder hypertrophy. This condition has been simulated in rabbits by the partial ligation of the catheterized urethra. Ultrasonography has been utilized in both adult and pediatric urology to visualize the bladder and(More)
The CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing method is comprised of the guide RNA (gRNA) to target a specific DNA sequence for cleavage and the Cas9 endonuclease for introducing breaks in the double-stranded DNA identified by the gRNA. Co-expression of both a multiplex of HIV-1-specific gRNAs and Cas9 in cells results in the modification and/or excision of the segment of(More)
The susceptibility of the progesterone receptor, liganded either by the antiprogestin RU 486 or by the progestin ORG 2058, to chymotrypsin and trypsin degradation was investigated. The nuclear fraction was isolated from T47D cells previously exposed either to 0.1 microM [3H]RU 486 or to 0.1 microM [3H]ORG 2058. The proteolytic digestion was performed on the(More)
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