R. Della Bella

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Carcinoids of the appendix are rare in children. Usually diagnosed incidentally on histologic investigation following appendectomy for acute apendicitis. To investigate the significance of the diagnosis of appendiceal carcinoid tumors in children, we conducted a retrospective study in our institution. Between 1990 and 2007 a total of 1158 appendectomy were(More)
The CT, MR, and histologic findings of three patients with surgically proved lumbar extradural cavernous and arteriovenous hemangiomas are reported. All three patients suffered from radicular and low back pain that disappeared completely or nearly so after total surgical excision. In each case, neuroimaging studies showed a well-defined ventrally located(More)
The findings of a study carried out on a sample of 403 P waves, selected over the 50 to 300 Hz frequency range, by a portable microcomputer system capable of averaging 512 P waves, are reported. Detailed analysis of P waves was attempted in healthy subjects and in patients affected by pathologic processes where atrial involvement had been observed. An(More)
Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy using noncoherent broad-spectrum light has been reported to be effective for hair removal, and also for treating superficial pigmented lesions like ephelides and solar lentigines. We report complete regression of a pigmented melanocytic nevus, histologically confirmed, after hair removal treatment with IPL. The use of(More)
The paper presents a new multimedia service for telemedicine that, based on a distributed architecture, allows any authorised user (from head physician to parish doctor) to retrieve all the medical information regarding her patients. The service, by means of any browser (Netscape, Mosaic, etc.), can be used through a personal computer connected to Internet(More)
The initial enthusiasm for orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) soon vanished as early recurrences appeared. OLT in HCC remains a controversial issue. We evaluated the efficacy of preoperative studies to select No-Mo patients and determined whether pT stage and histopathological grade (G) have a prognostic(More)
One of the primary characteristics of partial outlet obstruction secondary to BPH is an increase in bladder mass commonly referred to as bladder hypertrophy. This condition has been simulated in rabbits by the partial ligation of the catheterized urethra. Ultrasonography has been utilized in both adult and pediatric urology to visualize the bladder and(More)
Detailed QRS wave analysis from the limb leads of the surface high resolution electrocardiograms recorded in five cyclosporine-treated heart transplant recipients gave good correlation with the corresponding results of endomyocardial biopsy. That is when the result of the biopsies has identified the presence of rejection, a concomitant (p = 0.001) variation(More)
42 consecutive patients with infective endocarditis on native valves, according to Pelletier and Petersdorf's criteria of definite (13 pts), probable (12 pts.) and possible (17 pts) endocarditis, were identified and prospectively followed-up with M-mode and two-dimensional echocardiography, since 1980. We compared: 1) these three groups; 2) survivors not(More)