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Proper knowledge of variations of the arteries supplying the kidney is essential not only to the anatomists but also to the surgeons. In the present paper we are reporting a case of bilateral early and multiple branching of the renal arteries. The origin of the 2 renal arteries was normal but soon after their origin they ended by giving rise to multiple(More)
BACKGROUND Axillary artery is known to show different variations mostly in its branching pattern. Similarly, the origin of profunda brachii is often encountered with abnormality. Therefore, when the vascular variations in the upper limb persist, mostly it is confined to its branching pattern followed by its variant origin. But, among all the reported(More)
During regular dissection classes, we came across tripled falx cerebelli in a male cadaver. The main (middle) falx cerebelli was large and was attached to the internal occipital crest. It contained the occipital sinus. There were two smaller folds (right and left), one on either side of the falx cerebelli. There were two aberrant venous sinuses; each one(More)
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