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Wireless sensor networks involve many different real-world contexts, such as monitoring and control tasks for traffic, surveillance, military and environmental applications, among others. Usually, these applications consider the use of a large number of low-cost sensing devices to monitor the activities occurring in a certain set of target locations. We(More)
Although a substantial amount of professional literature argues for the potential benefits of content-based instruction, limited research exists on how this type of instruction actually is appropriated, understood, and carried out in practice by foreign language teachers. This study examines the role of two sixth grade Spanish teachers' dis-cursive(More)
e17527 Background: Physicians are reluctant partners in error reporting. Insufficient evidence exists on what may affect IR in a specific cultural and organizational context. The primary endpoint of our study was to offer a critical perspective on the dominant attitudes toward IR systems among health operators of Friuli-Venezia Giulia cancer network. The(More)
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