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We have assessed, in 200 patients, the determinants of the reversal time of competitive neuromuscular block by anticholinesterase when alcuronium and atracurium neuromuscular block were antagonized by neostigmine 0.04 and 0.08 mg kg-1 and edrophonium 0.5 and 1.0 mg kg-1. A biexponential relationship was found between the reversal time (time from injection(More)
Urban areas are considered net consumers of materials and energy, attracting these from the surrounding hinterland and other parts of the planet. The way these flows are transformed and returned to the environment by the city is important for addressing questions of sustainability and the effect of human behavior on the metabolism of the city. The present(More)
Central mudminnows, Umbra limi, were exposed to the insecticides endrin, chlordane, diazinon and guthion at concentrations of 5.4 X 10(-12) M to 5.4 X 10(-9) M in the aquaria water. Endrin, chlordane and diazinon caused significant increase in the frequencies of SCE. The results of these tests in part are in contrast to previous work which did not find(More)
We identified an infant male pigtail macaque monkey with a bizarre karyotype which, to the best of our knowledge, has never before been reported in any species. Examination of 107 nuclei from cultured lymphocytes revealed 81 (75.7%) to be trisomic, but with the supernumerary chromosome varying from cell to cell, trisomy 16 being the most common. A small(More)
Worldwide, cities are faced with the challenge of designing and implementing the transition to a state in which their greenhouse gas emissions are drastically reduced and they are well adapted to the impacts of climate change. There is increasing understanding of the synergies and conflicts in the objectives of mitigation and adaptation. These interactions(More)
Homologous recombination between DNA molecules injected into Xenopus oocyte nuclei was investigated by examining the recovery of information from differentially marked parental sequences. The injected recombination substrate was a linear DNA with terminal direct repeats of 1246 bp; one repeat differed from the other by eight single base-pair substitutions,(More)
Several molecular mechanisms have been proposed to account for nonconservative homologous recombination. This type of recombination is particularly efficient in Xenopus oocytes when appropriate DNA substrates are injected. To distinguish between possible models, we have investigated recombination intermediates from oocytes by direct observation in the(More)
Case report A 65-year-old woman presented with a 48-hr history of rigors and generalized muscle pain and weakness. She had had no serious illness in the past and had been on no drugs before admission. She had no history of upper respiratory tract infection or bronchitis. On examination, her temperature was 38 50C; pulse was regular 90/min; BP, 100/70 mmHg.(More)
Globally, efforts are underway to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to climate change impacts at the local level. However, there is a poor understanding of the relationship between city strategies on climate change mitigation and adaptation and the relevant policies at national and European level. This paper describes a comparative(More)