R Daniel Bass

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Acute and chronic exposure to benzene vapors poses a number of health hazards to humans. To evaluate the probability that a specific degree of exposure will produce an adverse effect, risk assessment methods must be used. This paper reviews much of the published information and evaluates the various risk assessments for benzene that have been conducted over(More)
Using data from the National Institute of Mental Health and the Census Bureau, the authors examine trends in the delivery of mental health services over the past 40 years as they relate to number and types of facilities, utilization of services, diagnosis, and maintenance expenditures. The data show that during this period access to psychiatric services has(More)
The purpose of this paper is to propose and qualify a novel funding mechanism for international neurosurgical nonprofits. The paper first identifies and explains neurosurgeons' means for practicing in the developing world through a literature review. After this examination of the current funding methods for surgical care in low-income regions, the work(More)
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To measure how much federally funded community mental health centers increased the quantity and range of mental health services, 63 catchment areas in which CMHCs began to receive federal funding in 1974-75 were matched individually with catchment areas that never received federal CMHC funding. The two groups of catchment areas were compared to determine(More)
During the last 15 years, there have been apparently contradictory criticisms of staffing patterns, and hence of care provided, in community mental health centers (CMHCs). To test their hypothesis that heterogeneity among CMHCs is responsible for the variety of criticisms, the authors examined staffing patterns in CMHCs between 1973 and 1981, dividing the(More)
Between 1970 and 1975 the number and rate of admissions to community mental health centers of people given a diagnosis of schizophrenia increased dramatically. However, the proportion of patients with schizophrenia admitted to community mental health centers declined because the increase in the rate of admissions of patients with schizophrenia was diluted(More)
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