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AIM To correlate findings of hip ultrasound on day 4-10 of life with sex, intrauterine position and a positive family history for congenital hip anomalies. METHODS The SNiP-study ( Survey of Neonates In Pommerania) registered 2256 neonates (2030 term, 226 preterm) between May 2002 and March 2004. Hip ultrasound results of 1043 term and since October 2003(More)
In adults, leptin seems to cross the blood-brain barrier by a saturable transporter. This may contribute to the development of obesity. The present study in healthy children investigates leptin levels in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in relation to body constitution. This prospective study analyzed leptin levels in plasma and CSF samples (stored at(More)
We present the case of a 14-year-old girl suffering from Maffucci's syndrome, a rare ailment belonging to the group of osteochondrodysplasias. At the age of 6 months, a diffuse swelling first appeared in the girl's right cheekbone region and the periauricular area. Because of recurrent meningitis with massive otoliquorrhea, several surgical revisions were(More)
An 11-year-old girl presented with recurrent vomiting, reduced food and fluid intake, weight loss and dizziness. In an external hospital she was diagnosed as having habitual vomiting and a beginning eating disorder. The physical examination revealed a very thin, malnourished child with abdominal pain on palpation but without neurologic deficits. Laboratory(More)
Over five years the applicability of a modified Glasgow Coma Scale was analysed in 38 children (mean age 7.2 +/- 3.8 years) with head and associated injuries (47.4%). The score was estimated after the accident and in the course of intensive therapy. At the beginning of the treatment on the intensive care unit, the cases were staged according to the severity(More)
PURPOSE Congenital anomalies of the kidneys and urinary tract (CAKUT) are among the most common anomalies in newborn infants, and may cause chronic renal disease in newborns. We investigated the sensitivity and specificity of different ultrasound-based screening strategies for CAKUT. MATERIALS AND METHODS Newborns (n = 4331) were analyzed for CAKUT in at(More)