R. D. Macpherson

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Ear artery segments removed from urethane-anaesthetized rabbits were mounted, perfused with Krebs solution, and pressurized before constriction with extraluminal noradrenaline. Vessel diameter was measured using a diode array mounted above the artery. After the degree of dilatation in response to intraluminal acetylcholine and glyceryl trinitrate was(More)
Central ear artery segments, removed from urethan-anesthetized rabbits, were used to assess whether distention activation was dependent on intact and functional endothelium (ENDO). Changes in external arterial diameter were measured with light-dependent diode array mounted above the vessel. After constriction with norepinephrine, slow increases in pressure(More)
To determine if accidental intraarterial injection of propofol results in vascular damage, the effect of bolus administration of propofol on vascular smooth muscle and the endothelium was investigated using the isolated rabbit ear artery. Ear artery segments, removed from urethane anesthetized rabbits, were perfused with Krebs solution (1 ml.min-1) and(More)
Teaching gastrointestinal physiology to preclinical medical students presents problems in finding suitable practical exercises to demonstrate the physiology of gastric acid secretion. In our course, students measure their own gastric secretory activity by the use of nasogastric tubes. Gastric secretion can be stimulated by insulin-induced hypoglycemia or by(More)
The myogenic response is the tendency of certain vessels, most notably small arteries and arterioles, to constrict in response to an increase in intravascular pressure. The effects of propofol on the myogenic response of the isolated pressurized rabbit ear artery were studied in segments preconstricted either with norepinephrine or 5-hydroxytryptamine and(More)
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