R. D. Jarmin

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To compare the outcome of transarterial angioembolization (TAE) and surgery with endoscopically unmanageable non-variceal hemorrhage of the upper gastrointestinal tract. MATERIALS AND METHODS A case note review of all patients treated for non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding from January 2006 till January 2012 was(More)
Intussusception is common cause of bowel obstruction in the paediatric age group compared to the elderly population. Many times, the diagnosis may be difficult because of asymptomatic nature of this bowel disorder. We hereby describe the case of a 75-year-old male who presented with lethargy, weakness, loss of movement in the joints and was found to be(More)
Colonoscopy is an integral part of the clinician armamentarium in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer and its precursor, the adenoma. Polypoid lesions when identified can be excised at colonoscopy and in turn reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. We prospectively evaluated the yield of colorectal cancer and adenomatous polyps by indication for colonoscopy(More)
A young man with HIV presented with biliary peritonitis secondary to spontaneous common bile duct perforation. Investigation revealed that the perforation was due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis of the bile duct is uncommon and usually presents with obstructive jaundice due to stricture. Bile duct perforation due to tuberculosis is extremely(More)
Obstructed rectal endometriosis is an uncommon presentation. The clinical and intraoperative presentation may present as malignant obstruction. The difficulty in making the diagnosis may delay the definitive management of the patient. We report a unique case of rectal endometriosis mimicking malignant rectal mass causing intestinal obstruction and discuss(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a common cancer that is frequently diagnosed at an advanced stage. Transarterial chemoembolisation (TACE) is an effective palliative treatment for patients who are not eligible for curative treatment. The two main methods for performing TACE are conventional (c-TACE) or with drug eluting beads (DEB-TACE). We(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with acute biliary pancreatitis (ABP), cholecystectomy is mandatory to prevent further biliary events, but the precise timing of cholecystectomy for mild to moderate disease remain a subject of ongoing debate. The aim of this study is to assess the outcomes of early versus delayed cholecystectomy. We hypothesize that early(More)
INTRODUCTION Negative pressure wound therapy is a widely used method of wound dressing with various commercially available brands. The authors created the Hanikoda Method (HM) for effective wound bed preparation or definite wound closure. METHODS In this case series, the authors discuss 8 different wound cases that presented to their Plastics Unit from(More)