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A two country, three sector hybrid model of structural change with distortionary government policies is used to quantify the impact of international trade and trade reform for industrialization. The model features Armington motivated trade in agriculture and industry, and a novel representation of trade reform as a time sequence of import tariffs, export(More)
Using retail price survey data, I investigate whether international goods’ market segmentation implied by dispersion in goods’ prices is consistent with market segmentation implied by observed trade flows. A Ricardian trade model, with heterogeneous and asymmetric bilateral trade costs, accounts for 85 percent of the average price dispersion and 21 percent(More)
Giri and Wazalwar evolved concepts of prime ideal and prime radical in noncommutative semigroups. A hemiring is a ring without subtraction (additive inverse), may not have commutativity and identity. A hemiring with identity is called a semiring. It is well known that a hemiring can be embedded in a semiring. We will use this fact to develop proofs of some(More)
Drawing on Mexican customs transaction data, we document the margins of adjustment for Mexican exports to the United States between 2004 and 2010. Underneath the familiar conclusion that intensive margin changes drove the trade collapse of 2008-09, we find a significant heterogeneity in the importance of margins of adjustment across exporters of different(More)
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