R. D. Everly

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PURPOSE Pain and symptom management is an integral part of the clinical practice of oncology. A number of guidelines have been developed to assist the clinician in optimizing comfort care. We implemented clinical guidelines for cancer pain management in the community setting and evaluated whether these guidelines improved care. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
Algorithms are proposed as a means of operationalizing guidelines or standards for cancer pain management. Professional education is used as the means to translate knowledge into practice. Outcomes measurement is the gold standard for validating improvement. This study used an educational intervention to transfer knowledge on implementing a previously(More)
An active spectrophotopolarimeter sensor and support system were developed for a military/civilian defense feasibility study concerning the identification and standoff detection of biological aerosols. Plumes of warfare agent surrogates gamma-irradiated Bacillus subtilis and chicken egg white albumen (analytes), Arizona road dust (terrestrial interferent),(More)
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