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6005 Background: Normal fluctuations of the economy result in periods of recession. This study investigated the relationship between these periods and the incidence and treatment of cancer. We assessed if this relationship differs based on type of cancer, and racial/socioeconomic groups. We hypothesized that this effect would be greatest for cancers for(More)
Focal and differential therapy represent an approach to improve the therapeutic ratio of prostate cancer treatments. This concept is a shift from treating the whole gland to intensely treating the portion of the gland that contains significant tumor. However, there are many challenges in the move towards focal approaches. Defining which patients are(More)
PURPOSES 1. To determine the optimal pelvic nodal clinical target volume for post-operative treatment of endometrial cancer. 2. To compare the DVH of different treatment planning techniques applied to this new CTV and the surrounding tissues. METHODS AND MATERIALS Based on the literature, we selected a methodology to delineate nodal target volume to(More)
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