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Previous investigations have indicated that topical azelaic acid has beneficial effects in rosacea. This 3-month randomized, double-blind, multicentre study compared the efficacy and safety of azelaic acid 20% cream with its vehicle, in the treatment of papulo-pustular rosacea. A total of 116 patients were enrolled in the study and medication was applied(More)
On the basis of case reports of blastomycosis, Blastomyces dermatitidis is widely accepted to be endemic in the central United States in and around the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys. Blastomycosis also occurs in parts of Canada and in the southeastern United States. However, there has been no large-scale skin testing, and the environmental range of B.(More)
Obstructive disease involving peripheral airways has been noted in diffuse interstitial pulmonary disease, including sarcoidosis and cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis. The possibility of obstruction of small airways in progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS) has been suggested by widespread bronchiolectasis and peribronchial fibrosis noted at necropsy. We(More)
Wasted ventilation fraction (Vd/Vt) normally declines substantially during exercise in persons without lung disease. Failure of Vd/Vt to decrease during exercise has been reported to be one of the earliest abnormalities in patients with dyspnea caused by pulmonary vaso-occlusive disease, suggesting that measurement of Vd/Vt at rest and during exercise are(More)
Patients with moderate and severe pulmonary hypertension have a very high mortality rate when undergoing orthotopic liver transplantation. Because nitric oxide has been successful in reducing pulmonary artery pressures in certain patients with pulmonary hypertension, the efficacy of NO inhalation (40 and 80 ppm) in 4 patients with pulmonary hypertension(More)
The hemodynamic effects of a rapid-sequence induction and intubation technique using etomidate, fentanyl, and succinylcholine for emergency surgery in patients with severe ventricular dysfunction were studied. Ten patients undergoing orthotopic heart transplantation received fentanyl, 10 microg/kg, etomidate, 0.3 mg/kg, and succinylcholine, 1.5 mg/kg,(More)
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