R. D. Bathke

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A hollow-cathode microplasma modified the lumenal surface of small-diameter polyethylene (PE) tubing. A microwave cavity diagnostic was used to measure the density of the microplasma. Plasma light output was observed with a monochromator at various positions along the PE tube to assess uniformity. Treatment effectiveness was evaluated by measuring the(More)
Dielectric charging plays a key role in processing damage of semiconductor devices. VUV radiation with energies in the range of 4-30 eV can induce charge on electronic materials. Radiation charging of Si wafers coated with 3000A of Si/sub 3/N/sub 4/ from synchrotron VUV exposure with photon fluxes in the range of 10/sup 9/-10/sup 13/ photons/sec cm/sup -2/(More)
A hollow capillary array is examined as a coupling window between an electron cyclotron resonance plasma vacuum ultraviolet vuv source and a separate processing chamber. The transmission of vuv through the capillary array as a function of wavelength is measured and shown to agree with theoretical calculations. A silicon wafer with a dielectric surface is(More)
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