R. Díaz Millán

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We propose a direct splitting method for solving nonsmooth variational inequality problems in Hilbert spaces. The weak convergence is established, when the operator is the sum of two point-to-set and monotone operators. The proposed method is a natural extension of the incremental subgradient method for nondifferentiable optimization, which explores(More)
We introduce a relaxed-projection splitting algorithm for solving variational inequalities in Hilbert spaces for the sum of nonsmooth maximal monotone operators, where the feasible set is defined by a nonlinear and nonsmooth continuous convex function inequality. In our scheme, the orthogonal projections onto the feasible set are replaced by projections(More)
A C++ library based on local maximum-entropy approximation schemes to solve linear and nonlinear elasticity problem is presented. The available tools are briefly described, and several implementation details are also mentioned. Selected numerical examples are shown in order to illustrate the capabilities of the library. The current and future developments(More)
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