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We study the reset dynamics of niobium ͑Nb͒ superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors ͑SNSPDs͒ using experimental measurements and numerical simulations. The numerical simulations of the detection dynamics agree well with experimental measurements, using independently determined parameters in the simulations. We find that if the photon-induced(More)
Three cases of visceral leishmaniasis are presented: two children who got the disease in Florence and the imported case of a girl coming from Albania with her disease in act. The diagnosis was made showing Leishmania in bone marrow specimen. Therapy with melglumine antimonate was effective and well borne, leading the three children to a complete healing. In(More)
The authors review the origins and the metabolism of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and particularly consider the implications of desaturase's deficiency and of the usual imbalanced supply of fatty acids in the diet of children. The peculiarity of the fatty acids is to be, while proteins express the genome, the expression of the diet on the cell's(More)
We study a class of superconductive radiation detectors in which the absorption of energy occurs in a long superconductive strip while the redout stage is provided by superconductive tunnel junctions positioned at the two ends of the strip. Such a device is capable both of imaging and energy resolution. In the established current scheme, well studied from(More)
Infectious diarrhea is a common disorder in children in Italy, which may lead to hospitalization especially during infancy. In order to obtain data about epidemiology and clinic pictures of acute diarrhea, the carts of 1295 paediatric outpatients, hospitalized for this pathology in the time between 1990-1996 at the Children's Hospital "Meyer" of Florence,(More)
Superconducting nanowire single photon detectors have been realized using an innovative photon induced cascade switch of parallel nanowires. We demonstrate that this configuration allows, at the same time, a fast response and a large active area, with the additional advantage of signal pulses with a larger signal to noise ratio. These improvements are(More)
Our experiences at the "Centro di Profilassi Antirabbica" of the "Dipartimento di Pediatria" suggest to us some thoughts: though the seriousness of the lesions is important also for the patient's aestethics, mostly for girls, the physician must always take into consideration the infectious consequences of the bite itself. Among these bacterial infections(More)
A novel dynamical state has been observed in the dynamics of a perturbed sine-Gordon system. This resonant state has been experimentally observed as a singularity in the dc current-voltage characteristic of an annular Josephson tunnel junction, excited in the presence of a magnetic field. In this respect it can be assimilated to self-resonances known as(More)