R . Craig Lefebvre

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1829 This article documents the emergence of social media, and specifically social network sites (SNS) and their impact on health information–seeking and health-related behaviors. We review surveys of user behavior on SNS to document how health information is being transformed into a social health experience rather than an individual or clinical endeavor.(More)
Social media brings a new dimension to health care for patients, providers, and their support networks. Increasing evidence demonstrates that patients who are more actively involved in their healthcare experience have better health outcomes and incur lower costs. In the field of cardiology, social media are proposed as innovative tools for the education and(More)
WSCC pathways are intended for use within our clinic system. They may be useful as a seed for regional guidelines or guidelines with wider application, but caution must be exercised. The following limitations would have to be addressed. 1) The literature searches employed would need to be more exhaustive; 2) inclusion criteria for published studies would(More)
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