R. Courtemanche

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OBJECTIVE To examine whether sensory changes in lower limbs associated with diabetic sensory polyneuropathy compromise postural stability in different visual sensory conditions. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The presence and severity of sensory neuropathy was evaluated with a clinical scale and measures of nerve conduction velocity in the lower limbs.(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether a reduced peripheral sensibility caused by diabetic neuropathy increases the attentional demands necessary for controlling and regulating gait. DESIGN Nonrandomized control trial. SETTING University motor performance laboratory. SUBJECTS Twelve diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy and 7 control subjects, all(More)
Results obtained in patients with schizophrenia have shown that antipsychotic drugs may induce motor learning deficits correlated with the striatal type-2 dopamine receptors (D2R) occupancy. Other findings suggest that the role of the striatum in motor learning could be related to a process of “chunking” discrete movements into motor sequences. We therefore(More)
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