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This paper presents an optimization methodology based on genetic algorithms for designing low-voltage low-power pipelined ADC's. It is demonstrated that multi-bit rather than minimum resolution-per-stage architectures are better suited for low-voltage operation and also that, either switched-opamp or clock-boosting techniques can produce equivalent(More)
This paper presents a general-purpose kernel based genetic algorithms for optimizing complex analog circuits and systems. The developed tool is very flexible allowing optimizations at different levels of abstraction. The optimization of any new block is basically carried-out by simply providing two additional files to the kernel. A text file containing the(More)
This paper describes the UNESP robotic team in the medical trash collector task, proposed on the 5<sup>th</sup> IEEE Latin American Robots Competition in the LEGO category. We present our understanding of the task and discuss the proposed solution, focusing on the mechanical and computational issues of the robots. The mechanics is based on rigid body(More)
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