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In this letter, the pH time-frequency vocal source feature is proposed for multistyle emotion identification. A binary acoustic mask is also used to improve the emotion classification accuracy. Emotional and stress conditions from the Berlin Database of Emotional Speech (EMO-DB) and Speech under Simulated and Actual Stress (SUSAS) databases are investigated(More)
A polysiloxane and polyvinyl alcohol interpenetrating polymer network was synthesised and its ferromagnetic derivative was used as solid support for antigen covalent immobilisation in chemiluminescent assays. Only 0.625 μg of either Trypanosoma cruzi or Schistosoma mansoni antigens immobilized onto the magnetic particles (2.5 mg) were sufficient to detect(More)
This paper presents a speech enhancement technique for signals corrupted by nonstationary acoustic noises. The proposed approach applies the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) to the noisy speech signal and obtains a set of intrinsic mode functions (IMF). The main contribution of the proposed procedure is the adoption of the Hurst exponent in the selection(More)
This letter proposes a new time domain speech enhancement technique for signals corrupted by nonstationary acoustic noises. In this method, the noise components are detected and attenuated directly from the corrupted speech samples. They are obtained with a robust estimation of the noise standard deviation considering any speech and noise amplitude(More)
This paper investigates the fusion of Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) and statistical pH features to improve the performance of speaker verification (SV) in non-stationary noise conditions. The α-integrated Gaussian Mixture Model ( α-GMM) classifier is adopted for speaker modeling. Two different approaches are applied to reduce the(More)
Contention prediction in photonic packet switched systems is examined in this paper. The signals input distributions were represented by the M/G/infin and fBm processes with different scaling degree, auto-correlation function and heavy-tail distribution. The results demonstrated that rather than the scaling degree or other statistical parameters the signals(More)
This paper introduces an adaptive noise detection method for non-stationary acoustic noisy signals. The proposed approach is based on the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) and a vector of Hurst exponent coefficients. The scheme is investigated considering real acoustic noisy signals with different non-stationarity degree and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).(More)
The dual action of vinblastine on tubulin, namely disruption and aggregation, is analyzed by turbidimetry. The existence of two different binding sites for the alkaloid is confirmed. The high affinity site binds vinblastine at low concentrations, at which no effect is observed on depolymerized tubulin, but where pre-formed microtubules are disrupted. The(More)
16 hrs. after per os administration of 14C N-isopropyl-amino-2-pyrimidine (IAP) in the Rat, radioactivity of the sciatic nerve is significantly higher than in plasma and other organs. In vitro IAP (base, orthophosphate or dichloracetate) accelerates neurite outgrowth of explained spinal ganglion after 48 hrs. of incubation in nutritive medium. Results(More)