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—The " Did You Feel It? " program developed by the U.S. Geological Survey provides a relatively accurate online earthquake intensity map based on qualitative user reports. To further leverage the power of the community, this project uses inexpensive strong-motion sensors (three-axis accelerometers) connected to personal computers to pinpoint the location of(More)
The production of a large-scale monitoring system for a high-speed network leads to a number of challenges. These challenges are not purely techinical but also socio-political and legal. The number of stakeholders in a such a monitoring activity is large including the network operators, the users, the equipment manufacturers and of course the monitoring(More)
We describe a framework for composing end-to-end protocol functions. The framework comprises: a generic model of protocol processing that maps onto various implementation ar-chitectures; a metaheader protocol supporting per-packet connguration of protocol function; and an extendible set of modular protocol functions. This paper describes the pieces of the(More)
The trade-oo between protocol structure and protocol performance is usually treated as a balancing act, with improvements on one side coming at the expense of the other side. The project described in this paper treats the structure/ performance trade-oo as an obstacle and eliminates it with a combination of structuring and compilation techniques. The(More)
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