R Christova

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To study the DNA sequences contacting the nuclear lamina (NL) in vivo, Ehrlich ascites tumor cells were UV-irradiated. The NL was purified, and the DNA fragments covalently linked to the lamina proteins in vivo were cloned and sequenced. Although heterogeneous in length and composition, the sequences displayed homology to the introns and/or flanking regions(More)
Ehrlich Ascites Tumour cells were irradiated with UV-light to crosslink DNA to proteins in vivo. The DNA fragments associated with the nuclear lamina were purified and characterized. The results of the Cot analysis and the hybridization experiments suggest that the DNA fragments attached to the nuclear lamina although containing the entire complexity of(More)
We describe a simple method for the purification of DNA fragments associated with the nuclear lamina in vivo. Ehrlich ascite tumor cells are first u.v.-irradiated to crosslink DNA to proteins. The nuclear lamina is then isolated and purified by low-speed centrifugation through a cushion of 40% sucrose. The material sedimenting through the created density(More)
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