R. Christian Alperin-Lea

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BACKGROUND Recurrence and mortality rates in patients with breast cancer correlate with the degree of tumor angiogenesis (angiogenic index). We have developed a novel angiogenesis model by using disks of fresh human placental vein that initiate an angiogenic response and exhibit linear radial capillary growth in culture. We hypothesized that the addition of(More)
Eugene A. Woltering1, James C. Watson1, R. Christian Alperin-Lea1, Chakravarthi Sharma1, Edward Keenan2, Daryl Kurozawa2 and Rosemary Barrie2 1Louisiana State University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Section of Surgical Endocrinology, 1542 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70122 and Veterans Administration Medical Center – New Orleans, 1601(More)
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