R Chiarenza

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On 6th April 2009, at 3.32 AM, there was in L'Aquila and in some neighbouring villages, after an earthquake swarm last some months, an earthquake of M(L) = 5.8 (Richter magnitude scale) on depth of 8.8 km. The event was sensed in a very broad area, till in Rome and Ancon. The operative committee of the Civil Protection Department immediately gathered and a(More)
The authors report their experience in the study of facial nerve anatomy by means of MR Imaging. The seventh pair of cranial nerves was studied in 6 healthy and informed volunteers with a super-conductive MR unit at 0.5 T using surface and head coils. Slices were 3 mm thick and were acquired on the axial and sagittal planes, when the petrous and the mastoid(More)
Cervical carcinoma is one of the most frequent gynecologic malignancies. Its prognosis depends on both tumor volume at diagnosis and its stage. Staging accuracy is important not only for prognosis but also for optimal treatment planning. According to FIGO criteria, carcinomas without parametrial involvement (stage I and limited stage IIA disease) can be(More)
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