R Chasan

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Sheetz and Spudich (1983, Nature (Lond.), 303:31-35) showed that ATP-dependent movement of myosin along actin filaments can be measured in vitro using myosin-coated beads and oriented actin cables from Nitella. To establish this in vitro movement as a quantitative assay and to understand better the basis for the movement, we have defined the factors that(More)
The product of the Drosophila easter gene, a member of the trypsin family of serine proteases, must be more active ventrally than dorsally to promote normal embryonic polarity. The majority of the easter protein in the embryo is present in the unprocessed zymogen form and appears to be evenly distributed in the extracellular space, indicating that the(More)
We have analyzed terminal web contraction in sheets of glycerinated chicken small intestine epithelium and in isolated intestinal brush borders using a quick-freeze, deep-etch, rotary shadow replication technique. In the presence of Mg-ATP at 37 degrees C, the terminal web region of each cell in the glycerinated sheet and of each isolated brush border(More)
The maternally transcribed product of the Drosophila easter gene is essential for the establishment of a normal dorsal-ventral pattern in embryos. Loss-of-function mutations in easter result in a dorsalization of the embryonic pattern, while dominant gain-of-function mutations ventralize the embryonic pattern. P element insertion alleles of easter were(More)
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