R Chandra Nagasuma

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This study extends, to a series of larger anions, our earlier investigation of the interaction of the trypanocidal drug suramin and other small negatively charged molecules with yeast phosphoglycerate kinase. 1H-NMR structural studies of phosphoglycerate kinase in the presence of varying concentrations of these large molecules (designed to mimic, at one(More)
While standard techniques for obtaining megabase-size DNA from microorganisms and cells in tissue culture are now available, new methods are needed for handling solid tissues and, in the case of small-sized animals, whole organisms. Here we describe a simple and rapid method for preparing large DNA molecules from mammalian spleen, whole insects of(More)
Peptide antigens composed of relevant B cell and T cell epitopes, capable of inducing protective immune response against the whole pathogen, are potentially safe, alternative vaccine antigens for prevention of wide range of diseases. Here, we show that short peptides derived from internal image sequences of anti-idiotypic antibody (peptidomimics) can(More)
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