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OBJECTIVE To examine the distribution of maternal serum placental growth factor (PlGF) at 12, 22, 32 and 36 weeks' gestation in singleton pregnancies which develop pre-eclampsia (PE) and examine the performance of this biomarker in screening for PE. METHODS Serum PlGF was measured in 40 212 cases at 11-13 weeks, in 10 282 cases at 19-24 weeks, in 10 400(More)
We analysed yearly estimates of population size data during 20012012 for five carnivores species of conservation interest (Ursus arctos, Canis lupus, Lynx lynx, Felis silvestris and Canis aureus). Population size estimations were done by the game management authorities and integrated by the competent authorities on the Ministry of Environment and Climate(More)
This paper is intended as an investigation of the possibilities offered by coupling the scientific programming language MATLAB with the finite element package Abaqus in order to perform parametric structural optimization with genetic algorithms. To illustrate the methodology, a tapered pipe cantilever beam with a force applied at the free end was chosen and(More)
17 Abstract—Topology optimization for structural design is a special type of problem in the optimization field. Although there are efforts to apply classic optimization techniques, the particularities of topology structural optimization have given birth to dedicated, more efficient and reliable methods. This paper is intended as an overview of both the(More)
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