R. Casey Boutwell

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BACKGROUND Nonoccupational HIV postexposure prophylaxis (nPEP) is being used in community settings, but little is known about practice patterns. This study examined the status of nPEP in Massachusetts emergency departments (EDs), community sites where nPEP is most likely to be practiced. METHODS In June 1998, a mailed survey was sent to identified medical(More)
Patterns of diffusion were analyzed for three pairs of technologies: one of each pair represents a very recent innovation, and the other is more established. Tremendous growth in utilization from 1985-89 was documented, primarily due to more patients obtaining access to the technologies. Nevertheless, disturbing differences in levels of use remain between(More)
ZnMgO thin films were grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy on closely-lattice-matched MgO substrates with a Radio-Frequency (RF) generated oxygen plasma. The impact on the cubic ZnMgO of oxygen flow rate and applied RF power was investigated under a high vacuum condition (1E-6 Torr). Optical Emission Spectroscopy identified active species in the plasma including(More)
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