R Casellato

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Three methods (using GM3 quantities ranging from a few milligrams to grams) have been developed to prepare, in high yield, the three derivatives of ganglioside GM3 [alpha-Neu5Ac-(2-3)-beta-Gal-(1-4)-beta-Glc-(1-1)-ceramide]: deacetyl-GM3 [alpha-Neu-(2-3)-beta-Gal-(1-4)-beta-Glc-(1-1)-ceramide], lyso-GM3(More)
2001: member of the organization committee of 8 th national congress on carbohydrate. From 1997 is carrying out her scientific activity on the study of membrane complex lipids. Chemistry of glycosphingolipids: design, synthesis and structural characterization of glycosphingolipid molecular species homogeneous in both the oligosaccharide and lipid moieties.(More)
Four children with congenital muscular dystrophy (CMD), eye and brain abnormalities are described. Their clinical and neuroradiological features are compatible with a diagnosis of Walker-Warburg syndrome (WWS), according to the criteria proposed by Dobyns et al. (i.e., presence of type II lissencephaly, typical cerebellar and retinal malformations, CMD),(More)
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