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In both strictly theoretical and more applied contexts it has been historically assumed that metapopulations exist within a featureless, uninhabitable matrix and that dynamics within the matrix are unimportant. In this article, we explore the range of theoretical consequences that result from relaxing this assumption. We show, with a variety of modeling(More)
A new method to achieve highly linear scaling of differential currents in CMOS technology is presented. It is based on operation in weak or moderate inversion of FGMOS transistors, and features performance improvements over previous proposals aimed to the same goal, like reduced supply voltage requirements, increased power efficiency, and avoidance of bulk(More)
Extra features are added to the conventional CCII in order to extend the use of CCII-based filters to high-performance applications in submicron CMOS technologies. They include continuous programming of current gain and fully balanced low voltage low power operation in moderate inversion region. Measurement results of a biquad fabricated in a 0.5-/spl mu/m(More)
A CMOS transconductor suitable for very low distortion analog signal processing over a rail-to-rail input range is presented. Very low impedance virtual ground nodes obtained by local negative feedback allow a highly linear voltage to current conversion by passive resistors. Low mismatch sensitivity is achieved as the current generated in the resistors is(More)
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