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An international comparison of 50/60 Hz power is described. The traveling standard was an electronic power transducer which was tested at 120 V, 5 A, 53 Hz, at five power factors (1.0, 0.5 lead, 0.5 lag, 0.0 lead, and 0.0 lag). Fifteen national metrology institutes from six metrology regions participated in the comparison.
The maximum voltage gain of a MOSFET transistor is limited by its output conductance (g<inf>ds</inf>), which depends on gate and drain-source voltage bias and drain current and channel length (L). In this work, it is demonstrated that output conductance, extracted from SPICE simulations using EKV 2.6 model parameters, can be expressed as the product of two(More)
A number of international comparisons of active power meter calibrations were conducted in the past. This paper addresses the international comparison of reactive power meter calibrations at 120 V, 5 A, 50/60 Hz, and power factors 0.5 lead/lag, and zero lead/lag, between 5 NMIs; 3 from the SIM metrology region (NRC, NIST, CENAM) and 2 from the APMP(More)
From years 2010 to 2012, a key comparison of power standards at 50/60 Hz was conducted in the SIM region. The comparison included measurements of active and reactive power at three frequencies, aiming at providing support to high accuracy measurement needs of reactive power. This paper presents the results of the SIM.EM-K5 comparison and the assessment of(More)
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