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Background. As interest on wearable computing [1] increases, researchers are looking for new materials to use as a support for electronics. A fabric substrate is very appealing: it is elastic and extensible [2], supported by a well known technology and produced at low-cost. State of the art. Some smart pressure-sensors interfacing with a flexible substrate(More)
High-density digital storage techniques for floating gate devices (>8 levels) require the use of feedback in the programming loop (pulse and verify method) and substantially different reading and programming circuitry from conventional memory devices. Several prototypes have been previously reported that store 4 levels per device (2b) while maintaining(More)
INTRODUCTION The sense of touch plays an important role in everyday life. It provides the body with early contact to surrounding objects. By touching an object, we can tell if it is sharp or smooth; by holding it, we can estimate its weight. Skin is the most extended sensor of the entire human body. The haptic interface gives the first feedback to object(More)
Chip-to-chip interconnection, based on wireless communication by capacitive coupling was investigated. This innovative approach will considerably reduce the pitch of the pin and strongly help in the implementation of a dense network of interconnects, while improving inter-chip bandwidth and power dissipation. The 3D integration technology based on aligned(More)
CMOS imagers performance becomes critical whenever illumination reaches very low and very high optical energy levels because of the reduced signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and blooming immmunity, respectively. In this paper we present a comparative analysis with respect to the above issues of the two major architectures used in implementing optical sensor(More)
3D contactless technology based on capacitive coupling represents a promising solution for high-speed and low power signaling in vertically integrated chips. AC coupled interconnects do not suffer from mechanical stress, and the parasitic load is much reduced when compared to standard DC solutions, such as wire bonding and micro bumps. Communication system(More)
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