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The question was addressed whether the dose-response relationship derived from a carcinogenicity study can be used for mechanistic interpretation and to what extent the shape of the curve is dependent on the duration of the bioassay and the time of analysis. The mouse skin tumor model was used. It allows recording of the time of tumor appearance without(More)
The usefulness of a neurobehavioral check-list for the detection and characterization of neurotoxic effects of chemical compounds was evaluated in rats. The animals were given single doses of the test compounds, and higher or lower doses of the substances were administered in subsequent weeks, depending on the outcome of the experiments. The testing(More)
Cell proliferation (S phase response) in archival liver tissues of partially hepatectomized rats was determined via proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) immunohistochemistry. These results were compared with the S phase response assessed previously in the same tissues via tritiated thymidine (Tdr) autoradiography. The effect of prolonged tissue(More)
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