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Tissue expansion of the scarred chest following burns results in a poor breast mound shape with little projection or inframammary fold, since the expander, like normal developing breast tissue, is kept flat by the scarred skin envelope. We present a case that demonstrates that adequate projection of the breast and formation of an inframammary fold can be(More)
Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia (ALHE) is an uncommon benign, idiopathic vasculoproliferative condition manifested by multiple or solitary subcutaneous nodules, usually in the head and neck region of young adults. It is very rare in the extremities especially in the hands. Although recurrence is common, surgical excision is still regarded as the(More)
Rhinoplasty patients have long been considered to be psychologically unstable and therefore a "risky" group upon which to operate. Patients who had rhinoplastic operations more than 5 years ago were contacted by post and their psychological health assessed by the use of psychometric tests. The results show no evidence to support earlier suggestions that(More)
  • R Slator
  • British journal of plastic surgery
  • 1993
National Health Service (NHS) rhinoplasty patients have been shown to differ from normal in their performance on psychological tests. In this study the same psychological parameters of two groups of private rhinoplasty patients are documented and compared to that of NHS patients. The two groups of private patients do not differ from each other either in(More)
A prospective, randomised, double blind trial was carried out to test whether or not the application of topical anaesthetic cream (EMLA cream) before infiltration of local anaesthetic would decrease the discomfort of correction of prominent ears under local anaesthetic. 23 patients were entered into the trial. They acted as their own controls, one ear(More)
120000 patients are seen with burns in emergency departments in the U.K. each year. Of these, 50% will be children. The average age of the children admitted to the North East Thames Regional Burns Unit (NETRBU) will be 4 years, and the size of the burn 10% body surface area. Some of the children admitted will be severely ill requiring intensive treatment.(More)
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