R. C. Sharma

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The endangered Tor putitora is a commercially important freshwater cyprinid distributed widely in Himalayan foothills of India and adjacent countries. Despite its extensive distribution, the stock structure of the species is not known. The present study investigates intraspecific variations in wild and captive populations of this species using multivariate(More)
Organic agriculture is gaining a gradual momentum across the world for improving nutritional quality of food, restoring soil health, generating rural economy, and creating better environmental conditions. Organic agriculture can foster sustainability in subhumid tropical soils low in organic carbon. Nutrient use efficiency of basal soil application of(More)
Laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy in the ultraviolet regime has been used for the detection of biochemical through a fiber coupled CCD detector from a distance of 2 m. The effect of concentration and laser excitation energy on the fluorescence spectra of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) has been investigated. The signature fluorescence peak of(More)
Social groups are considered as a group of people, an organization or social individuals which are connected by social relations such as friendships, cooperative relations or informative exchange In web based cooperative environment, peer to peer inter action often suffers from difficulty due to lack of exploring useful social interaction information, so(More)
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