R. C. Rodrigues

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This paper presents a simple geometric algorithm to generate splines of arbitrary degree of smoothness in Euclidean spaces. Unlike other existing methods , this simple geometric algorithm does not require a recursive procedure and, consequently, introduces a significant reduction in calculation time. The algorithm is then extended to other complete(More)
Noninvasive maternal abdominal recordings can help improving fetal monitoring. In this work, in the context of PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2013, we develop a method to locate fetal QRS in those recordings. First we eliminate baseline wander and other artifacts through median filter, Notch, and low pass filters. Using the four available(More)
We give a new time-dependent definition of spline curves in R n , which extends a recent definition of vector-valued splines introduced by Ro-drigues and Silva Leite for the time-independent case. Previous results are based on a variational approach, with lengthy arguments, which do not cover the non-autonomous situation. We show that the previous results(More)
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