R. C. Rodrigues

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This paper presents a simple geometric algorithm to generate splines of arbitrary degree of smoothness in Euclidean spaces. Unlike other existing methods , this simple geometric algorithm does not require a recursive procedure and, consequently, introduces a significant reduction in calculation time. The algorithm is then extended to other complete(More)
BACKGROUND Mitral annular disjunction (MAD) consists of an altered spatial relation between the left atrial wall, the attachment of the mitral leaflets, and the top of the left ventricular (LV) free wall, manifested as a wide separation between the atrial wall-mitral valve junction and the top of the LV free wall. Originally described in association with(More)
We give a new time-dependent definition of spline curves in R n , which extends a recent definition of vector-valued splines introduced by Ro-drigues and Silva Leite for the time-independent case. Previous results are based on a variational approach, with lengthy arguments, which do not cover the non-autonomous situation. We show that the previous results(More)
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