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The complete nucleotide sequence of the maize chlorotic mottle virus (MCMV) genome has been determined to be 4437 nucleotides. The viral genome has four long open reading frames (ORFs) which could encode polypeptides of 31.6, 50, 8.9 and 25.1 kd. If the termination codons, for the polypeptides encoded by the 50 and 8.9 kd ORFs are suppressed, readthrough(More)
Maize chlorotic mottle virus (MCMV) is a 30-nm icosahedral plant virus composed of a single 25-kDa capsid protein component and a 4.4-kb single-stranded, positive-sense genomic RNA. Northern blot hybridization analysis detected a single 3'-terminal 1.1-kb subgenomic RNA in infected plants. Virion RNA directs the synthesis of several polypeptides in a rabbit(More)
The Ti plasmid DNA maintained in octopine-type crown gall tumor lines is variable, but always includes at least part of the Ti plasmid that maps over the region of Hind III fragment 1 of pTi-B6-806. The right-hand boundary of transferred DNA (T-DNA) varies considerably among the three independent tumor lines examined; the left boundary was not located(More)
A full-length cDNA clone (pMCM41) was constructed to contain the exact 5' end of MCMV behind a T7 RNA polymerase promoter and a Smal site at the 3' end. Uncapped RNA synthesized from pMCM41 has the exact 3' end of viral RNA (vRNA) but is missing the cap found on vRNA. This RNA was infectious in protoplasts from black Mexican sweet (BMS) maize (Zea mays)(More)
A 230 base pair DNA segment containing the sequences 5' to the 700 to 750 nucleotide (nt) transcript 7' (ORF 3; RF Barker, KB Idler, DV Thompson, JD Kemp 1983 Plant Mol Biol 2: 335-350) of the octopine tumor inducing plasmid pTiA6 has been isolated. This region has (a) 180 base pairs of DNA upstream of the TATA box, (b) the start of RNA synthesis, and (c)(More)
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